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Whether it is from behind the bench or in front of it, Robert M. Seines knows how a case should be handled to achieve the optimal result for a party – and how intelligent planning can minimize disputes and his clients’ interaction with the Courts.

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About Robert M. Seines

Rob was Court Commissioner in the Spokane County District - Municipal Court from April 1999 to December 2009. He served in all the courtrooms and on all of the District Court dockets and presided over many hundreds of civil, infraction, and criminal hearings and trials.

Rob has represented many very fine individuals, organizations, and businesses in transactional and civil and criminal litigation including, air crash product liability, credit union and banking, commercial litigation, bankruptcy, personal injury, juvenile court dependency, Native American Law, and felony and misdemeanor criminal cases.

He has also been a cattle rancher and tile contractor. He has served as a practitioner in residence in the Indian Law Clinical Program at Gonzaga University School of Law since January 2009.

Rob has been recognized for his hard work and dedication to survivors' justice. He has dedicated years of community service by serving passionately as an intelligent and hardworking advocate for victims of domestic and sexual violence.

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Robert M. Seines

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